Fairfield County Connecticut Real Estate.

Real Estate

As a Licensed Connecticut Real Estate Broker, I serve Fairfield County Connecticut, one of the most illustrious areas of the country.   Our diverse real estate market offers something for every lifestyle from spacious homes in charming waterfront neighborhoods and rolling green landscapes to compact urban apartments and condominiums in thriving downtown areas.  A convenient commute to New York City, Fairfield County offers sandy beaches, award winning schools , vibrant cultural communities and many other lifestyle benefits.  Contact me for a consultation/question.  Follow me on Instagram @LizTardifRealtor.  Website link below.  Click Here for the latest local market statistics.


Fine Art

As an Art Consultant and Founder of Cherry Street Art, I educate and advocate for the visual arts and help people select art for decorating, collecting, investing or leasing whether in a home or office environment.  The art you choose to display in your space can promote calm, energy, creativity, productivity and enhance your business or personal image.  Art resources are abundant. It takes knowledge and expertise to navigate them and make rewarding choices that fit your personal needs, style and  budget.   Contact me for a consultation/question.  Follow me on Instagram @CherryStreetArt.  Website link below.

Elizabeth Tardif

Why work with me?

Because I am passionate about how our live and work environments affect our psychological well being and success.   Real Estate and Art purchases are significant investments and important lifestyle choices.  Making a good decision requires knowledge of the markets and expertise in applying that information to your personal goals and desires. Live well, feel good and get the most for your money.

  Contact me anytime for a consultation or a question.

Elizabeth Tardif